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Call for Submissions - The Dramatherapy Journal

Posted On: Tuesday 12th December 2023


Our new Dramatherapy Journal editors, Dr. Susana Pendzik and Professor Salvo Pitruzzella, share this letter to invite you to submit original works to be considered for the upcoming issue. They are welcoming a wide range of contributions including: scholarly articles; reflections from practice; interviews; reviews; book reviews; and creative contributions. Please read the letter and find out more here.

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Dear friends and colleagues,
We are glad to inform you that the Dramatherapy Journal is about to begin a new phase, undergoing two momentous changes:
Starting with the first issue in 2024, the Journal will be under the roof of Intellect, a prominent publisher in the field of scientific journals (including our North American twin, the Drama Therapy Review, with which we have a relationship of mutual support and partnership).
Thanks to a wise decision of the BADth Executive Board, the Journal will be Diamond Open Access. It means that its contents can be freely accessed by scholars, professionals, and students all over the world, with no Article Processing Charge (APC) for authors. There is no doubt that this will contribute to the Journal’s widespread circulation, as well as its international and intercultural vocation.
As new editors, we are delighted to invite you to submit original works to be considered for the upcoming issue. We are welcoming a wide range of contributions, including:
1. Scholarly articles. This is a peer-reviewed section, which includes research (qualitative, quantitative, art-based, and mixed-methods), scoping and systematic reviews, theoretical and conceptual essays, as well as interdisciplinary contributions that are relevant to dramatherapy practice and theory. All the articles will undergo a process of double-blind peer reviewing.
2. Reflections from practice. This peer reviewed section encompasses any aspect emerging from clinical work, supervision, and training in dramatherapy. It includes (but is not limited to) clinical comments, short case studies, reports of innovative applications of dramatherapy in various fields and diverse cultural contexts, reflections on methods and techniques, as well as issues arising in supervision and training.
3. Interviews with prominent scholars and practitioners in dramatherapy and related fields.
4. Reviews (performances, art, literature, films etc.)
5. Book reviews (concerning dramatherapy or related fields).
6. Creative contributions. These encompass original artistic contributions that are pertinent to dramatherapy practice, such as short stories, theatrical texts, poetry, graphic expressions, (photographs, video clips, etc.). It also welcomes descriptions of innovative exercises and techniques, such as warm-ups, closures, or other activities that can be shared with other colleagues.

Contributions can be sent to s.pitruzzella.dramatherapy@gmail.com by the end of January 2024.

Download the Notes for Contributors for information on format and style of 
submissions: https://www.intellectbooks.com/dramatherapy

The editors,
Susana Pendzik and Salvo Pitruzzella