> Reply to Letter from member of the AHPf regarding uniforms

Reply to Letter from member of the AHPf regarding uniforms

Posted On: Thursday 5th May 2022


National Uniform Project update.

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The allied Health Professions Federation (AHPF) comprises twelve professional bodies representing the allied health professions, BADth being one of these. The AHPF provides collective leadership and representation on common issues that impact its members professions.

Last year there was a national uniform project without consultation with the professional bodies nor the AHPF. 70% of occupational therapists and 70% of physiotherapists, the two largest AHP professions who completed a survey in 2021 were dissatisfied with this idea of a collective one colour uniform.

This subject continues to be a debate. The professional bodies collectively wrote to Suzanne Rastrick (Chief AHP officer) Kevin Chidlow (director of NHS supply chain) and Caroline Poole (Head of Allied Health Professions) and asked that AHPs and their professional bodies be part of the ongoing conversations going forward as identity is important. Please see the response below.

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