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AHP Implementation Guide

Posted On: Sun 1st January 2012


This article is from 2012 but has been left for your information

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Last year (2011) the National Allied Health Professional Information Strategy Taskforce (NAHPIST) which many AHPs, CEOs, Chairs and Professional Officers, including myself for BADth, attended worked towards the production of a Guide to the Information Strategy. The Guide is now published: "Making it happen - The power of information: Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need. An implementation and reference guide for Allied Health Professionals."

As far as I am aware it seems that this is the only implementation guide for the strategy produced by any group and includes much information that I have written about piece by piece in past editions of The Prompt.

This document is now publicly available - Click here to download it from the NHS Networks page.

Bruce Howard Bayley, Previous Chair