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Dramatherapy for Psychosis - workshop on Saturday 21st May

Posted On: Monday 25th April 2022


This NEW workshop will take place at Clean Break Studios, London from 10am to 4pm. The day will be a mixture of theory and experiential, with time for discussion and questions.

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NICE recommends arts therapies for the treatment of psychosis for “subsequent acute episodes of psychosis or schizophrenia and referral in crisis” and in relapse, “particularly for the alleviation of negative symptoms”. It is the only NICE guideline for mental health in which arts therapies are specifically recommended.

Susie Gomez will share her approach to working in a Psychiatric intensive Care Unit (PICU). She will explain how she has adapted a model of working to provide therapy to clients who present as floridly psychotic, where thinking and reflecting in the sessions may not be possible. We will consider the challenges of working on a PICU ward and what the aims of this work might be.

Clare Hubbard will then share her approach to community group work for people who have had to find a way to live with ongoing psychotic experiences. There will be opportunity to take part in some exercises we may do in sessions, with time to reflect on them together. We will also touch on making a business case for dramatherapy.

More information can be found here: https://www.badth.org.uk/DB/cpd-courses-2/dramatherapy-for-psychosis