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Annual Conference 2023


Friday 29th September (evening social) & Saturday 30th September (conference)
Birmingham Conference and Events Centre/The Holiday Inn

The last few years have highlighted how important it is for us to connect with others, and how resilient and resourceful we can be in making that happen. In 2020 we had to learn how to do this in alternative ways – online and outside, two metres apart, faces partially covered. We connect with others who are facing devastation and fear in the world through reports on the news, and maybe ways we try to help. We connect globally in our fears for the future of our planet.

As Dramatherapists our connection with our clients is essential to the effectiveness of the therapy. And we have such a huge toolbox to go to when connection may feel difficult or unsafe for someone. We can feel privileged yet sad and distressed by their stories. What do we do when we feel a personal connection to a person’s story? How do we manage that for ourselves and for them? What do we share? How do we disconnect?

The past few years have also highlighted the importance of community. How connected do we feel to our workplace community, to the community we work for, and to the Dramatherapy community? How welcoming are we and how open to making new connections? Some of our clients, and sometimes ourselves too, can feel isolated and disconnected from their/our community for different reasons.

We are delighted to announce that Bruce Howard Bayley will be delivering this year's address, which will accompany a wide variety of workshops, performances and papers.

In a nod to connecting with the cost-of-living crisis, the (optional) dress theme for Friday evening’s social is Charity Shop Chic (or not so chic). So, keep an eye out for those bargains!

Contact: natalienewman@badth.org.uk