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BADth Conference 2020

Chaos & Love

Presents, Pasts and Futures in Dramatherapy

Friday 27 November 2020 – Sunday 29 November 2020
Online on Zoom and YouTube

When we chose the theme of Chaos and Love for this year’s conference I am not sure any of us could have predicted the chaos of a pandemic and lockdown on our work and our lives. The original date in September where we were due to meet in Chester went from certain, to probable, to hopeful, to cancelled. And yet, our community found ways to lovingly connect in these strange times. From Zoom meet ups to the conversations between us.

As we adjusted to the new life and the impact it had on our personal lives, the executive committee turned their attention back to the conference and to the submissions. As is so often the case in dramatherapy, what appears to be dead is waiting to be resurrected in a new way.

A first online conference for BADth. As with much of the work which has moved online, it is not the same as an in-person conference. But it’s difference brings as many opportunities as it brings obstacles.Maybe for some of you, this will be the first conference you can afford to attend in terms of time or money.

Maybe there is a joy that the online scheduling does not put the two most interesting sounding workshops at the same time.

If you wanted to, you could attend all 24 of this year’s conference programme across the weekend. We encourage you to select the workshops , papers and events which most appeal to you so that you can attend in spirit as well as in body, rather that succumbing to Zoom fatigue where it becomes difficult to take it all in.

Most events will have the same Zoom code but we encourage you to book through Eventbrite so we can tell the speakers how many people are expected to come. Some events need to be booked specifically including the two members meeting (The AGM and GM) and the Saturday morning workshop which has a capacity of 12

Members, check your emails from BADth for your free access code.