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A mixed-methods test of the dramatherapy Meta-Processes Model of Change using a sample of UK dramatherapists

Sunday 29 November 2020
15:00 to 16:00

Researchers e.g. Dokter & Winn (2010), have argued there is a need to research the processes that facilitate change in dramatherapy in order to advance dramatherapists’ understanding of these processes and the status of the discipline. Cassidy, Turnbull and Gumley (2014) responded to this call by subjecting 13 papers which provided ‘thick’ descriptions of dramatherapy sessions to a grounded theory analysis to produce the meta-process model of change (MPMC). The MPMC identifies five ‘meta-processes’ i.e. core dramatherapy processes that are present across all dramatherapy approaches and that lead to therapeutic change. The meta-processes are: the ‘here and now’, ‘working alongside’, ‘establishing safety’, ‘choice and control’ and ‘being actively involved’. Cassidy et al suggested that further study was necessary to test the validity of the model. Thus, the aim of the present study was to conduct a mixed-methods test of the MPMC using a sample of UK dramatherapists. Eight dramatherapists’ experiences were explored to see if they reported Cassidy et al’s meta-processes as being central to their work and bringing about change in their clients’ lives. This was done in two ways: using semi-structured interviews focusing on the dramatherapy process, and a short, structured survey-type questionnaire that described Cassidy’s model and asked specific questions about it such as rating how important each of the 5 meta-processes were to dramatherapy. An analysis of the data collected showed that overall, the participants data provided broad support for the MPMC and its main elements.


View the poster here: https://prezi.com/view/mTOBOJMAK2Qxfm2pV615/


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Yolanda Calzado Gil, BSc, MA, member of BADth and registered with the HCPC, is a drama and movement therapist, actor and psychology & counselling graduate.

Ailsa Parsons, BSc MSc MA CPsychol RDMP fHEA, is a chartered psychologist, wellbeing coach and dance movement psychotherapist at the University of Salford.

John Allbutt, BSc, MPhil, PhD, PGCE, is a psychologist and independent researcher.