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Workshop: Time To Be

Sunday 29 November 2020
08:00 to 09:00

This research has emerged out of a collaborative project between a counsellor/psychologist and a dramatherapist.

Working with a group of 8 young people from a local secondary school, we employed a dramatherapy structure combined with elements of psychoeducation on the neuroscience of the teenage brain. A growing body of research provides evidence as to why this phase of development can be both chaotic and enriching, and the intention was to tap into the adolescent’s own imaginations, to help them make sense of what is going on for them as individuals.

There was an additional aim of enabling them to articulate their experiences and learning to others through a creative mode of their choice, thus taking dramatherapy and counselling beyond the therapy room.

Working alongside the young people, we found ourselves both challenged and inspired by the group and the creative material generated. Our findings could be described as ‘living data’ and we feel it would be beneficial to share our experience of:


    Collaborating two modalities: how this enhanced our work and how this approach might broaden the future life of dramatherapy in educational settings.
    The benefits of a dramatherapy structure to support both psychoeducation and healing, and how we can share this learning where it matters most.
    Our growing understanding of the internal and external chaos of the adolescent experience.

This session is being recorded.

Louise Best graduated from The University of Roehampton in 2019 with a Masters in Dramatherapy. She is currently Community Associate at The Watermill Theatre, Newbury.

Kate Adams (MSc Psychology, post-diploma qualification counselling children and young people) is Deputy Clinical Lead at Time To Talk and counsels in a local secondary school.