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BADth Conference 2022

Weathering The Storm: Self-Care in an age of burnout

Monday 12th September – Sunday 18th September


Friday 30th September – Sunday 2nd October

The Albert Hall, Nottingham

A prolonged period of covid-19 and lockdowns has adversely impacted on the mental health of many¹.

Research has shown that those who are already marginalised have experienced the added stress even more adversely and Covid has widened health inequalities for those with pre-existing health conditions or those from non-white communities.

As the mental health experts, we are trained to bring light to the shadows and warmth to the numb. But in recent years, to be these mental health torchbearers we have been living through the same pressures as our clients. We need to keep our own light burning to help others. How do we protect our torch in the storm?

NHS managers report they are concerned about staff wellbeing. Rises in staff stress is impacting sickness leave and staff turnover². This is not just in the NHS, many sectors have experienced stress and pressure during the past years either due to overwhelm stress of services being stretched to meet the rising need in difficult situations, or through underwhelm stress of not being able to support service users in the midst of the disruptions and infection prevention precautions. Burnout is reducing staff at a time of increased need³.

We want to share research and ideas which explore themes of grit, resilience, self-care, stress reduction and returning to work after being signed off.

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[2] Workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS and social care - Health and Social Care Committee - House of Commons (parliament.uk)

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  • Submission deadline midnight on Saturday 30 April 2022
  • BADTH welcomes submissions in the categories of theory, research, practice, and policy.
  • All content must have a direct relationship with the conference themes and adhere to the current protocols concerning ethical issues such as written consent to publish.
  • Submissions are open to the arts therapies and practitioners from the wider psychological modalities. BADTH particularly welcomes submissions from client and therapist collaborations and from students.
  • It is intended that proceedings of the conference will be published, and all presenters should be prepared to consent to contributing an outline of their contribution to the publication. An opportunity to discuss publication will be offered during the conference.
  • Support is available if you are putting together a proposal for the first time. Please ask for help before 1 March.

Call for conference submissions

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