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Annual Conference 2024

Creativity in Conflict

In-person gathering: Saturday 19th October (The Empty Space - Manchester)
Online workshops, presentations, discussions and performance: 14th-20th October

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This year our conference offerings will centre around International Dramatherapy Week, inviting collaboration and participation from across the world.

In these tumultuous times, where conflicts and challenges abound, we gather once again to explore the transformative power of dramatherapy. Our theme this year, “Creativity in Conflict,” invites us to delve into the heart of human struggle, resilience, and empowerment. 

Conflict is an inherent part of the human experience. Whether it arises from external circumstances, internal struggles, or interpersonal dynamics, conflict shapes our lives. Conflict is something we experience nationally, in society, in our profession, in our association and in our personal lives. 

As dramatherapists, we recognise that conflict can be both a catalyst for growth and a barrier to well-being. Our task is to harness the creative potential within conflict, using it as a springboard for change. To welcome those angry parts of us who love us enough to speak up when the see injustice or feel hurt. 

Conflict is fire energy. It can destroy and it can also sweep away the old to make space for the new to grow. How can we dance with this fire?  Can we rewrite narratives, break cycles of violence, embody new roles, and find novel solutions. Creativity becomes a lifeline, guiding us through the chaos. 

Our conference aims to bridge theory and practice. We invite you to share your research, case studies, and innovative approaches. Let us explore themes of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics, restoration, the drama triangle and conflict. How can dramatherapy empower individuals to navigate conflict zones—whether internal or external? How do we support clients returning to life after emotional upheaval? 

In-person day event: Saturday 19th October, The Empty Space (Manchester)

This will focus on connecting with our community, and will host our AGM, keynote and an interactive performance, with plenty time to connect with each other.

Online workshops, presentations, discussions and performances: 14th-20th October (Online)

Taking place throughout International Dramatherapy Week, your ticket will give you access to 26 workshops, presentations, discussion groups and performances which you can either take part in live or watch on-demand.

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