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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Posted On: 19 January 2022
“Usually I feel that I am the puppet and my voices are pulling the strings so it felt good to be the puppet master and control the puppet” (group member 2017)
Posted On: 06 January 2022
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a trauma therapy can be used in conjunction with psychotherapy, including art, music, dance and dramatherapy; to help address blocks, phobias, anxiety and clinical PTSD. This course is aimed at those who are not trained in or using EMDR in their practice, yet. The course will provide an insight into EMDR methods and information about trainings as well as how it can be integrated to arts therapy practices.
Posted On: 31 August 2021
This interactive, experiential, introductory 3 day workshop, facilitated by Mary Franklin-Smith, will teach participants key elements and techniques of MANTRA for different stages of treatment and how to sequence and integrate these in the treatment of adults with AN.
Posted On: 30 March 2021
We are running writing workshops for the membership to be held on the last Tuesday of the month excluding August, October and December. The workshops are currently FREE but we will be charging members £5 from April to cover costs.