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Information for Employers

Dramatherapy is a psychological therapy that uses dramatic methods. It is a helpful intervention for people of all ages particularly those who find verbal communication difficult to engage with. A dramatherapist is a psychological therapist who has arts-based experience and training in psychological interventions using drama as their primary mode of communication. They are regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).
Dramatherapy can be delivered in a group or individually. Dramatherapists work with a whole spectrum of clients and within a variety of organisations, such as the NHS, primary and secondary schools, hospices, prisons, young offenders’ institutions and voluntary agencies. Dramatherapists can enhance the effectiveness of the organisation by providing clinical supervision to other staff members, facilitating team building and co-working with colleagues from other professions.

Full BADth members are governed by our codes of practice and the regulations laid down by the HCPC.

We can advertise jobs on our website and share links for our members to apply.  Click here to see current jobs listing (members only).

If you would like to know more about setting up a post, please contact Fran Fleming (Administrator) at franfleming@badth.org.uk for help with job descriptions, conditions of employment and advertising.