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Code of Practice

You can download a copy of the BADth Code of Practice in PDF format by clicking the links below.

The British Association of Dramatherapists Code of Practice Revised January 2022

This statement replaces all previous documents and is applicable to all Full Members of the Association. ‘Dramatherapist’ is a title protected by law so Full Members of BADth must be registered as Dramatherapists with the Health Professions Council. BADth’s Code should therefore be read in conjunction with the following HPC publications: Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics , Fitness to Practise, CPD requirements and Standards of Proficiency – Arts Therapists.

All practitioners should inform clients that their practice is governed by both The Health Professions Council’s and The British Association of Dramatherapists’ Codes of Practice.

In this statement, the term ‘practitioner’ is used to refer specifically to Dramatherapists. The term ‘client’ is used to encompass therapy with individuals, families, groups, couples, and other social units. The Code is also applicable to any other work undertaken as a dramatherapist, for example in an organisational context as a team building facilitator or training workshops.

Trainee Dramatherapists on clinical placements must adhere to this Code.