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Our Vision

The British Association of Dramatherapists is the professional association for Dramatherapy in the UK. Our vision is to provide the best possible services to our members and to represent Dramatherapy in all national and international contexts. BADth aims to:

  • Represent the Dramatherapy profession at all relevant national and local organisations and agencies, so that the profile and influence of our profession is the greatest it can be.

  • Collaborate with the other Arts Therapies Associations to lead on joint initiatives to promote the arts therapies and ensure our voices are heard.

  • Provide services, CPD, conferences and support for the community of Dramatherapists working in the UK and those in training.

  • Promote, practise, and communicate inclusive, ethical, and democratic processes throughout the association to safeguard the wellbeing and professional development of our members.

  • Develop an even greater culture of research and innovative practice in Dramatherapy through initiatives, schemes and funding. 

  • Encourage participation by members in the association in all its structures and events as well as actively engage with all members, through formal and informal events.

  • Acknowledge that Dramatherapy exists in a social, cultural and political context and that the profession’s theory and practice acknowledges difference and the biases represented by different traditions.