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Where Dramatherapists Work

Dramatherapists often work in schools, hospitals, prisons and within the charity sector. Like Music and Art Therapists, Dramatherapists (spelt as one word in the UK) undergo approved MA training to develop an informed clinical understanding of psychological diagnoses, and thereafter they may go on to develop specialisms in areas such as learning disability, dementia, social or cultural specific issues, women only groups, work with fathers, or refugee support, for example.

You may also find Dramatherapists responding to specific crises such as Covid 19, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change or Conflict, as individual therapists, artists or even as acts of social and/or political activism. Dramatherapists can be employed by organisations, work freelance, and may have a private practice.

The videos below are projects which have been funded and supported by Health Education England (now part of NHS England) in collaboration with BADth. They demonstrate the importance of arts therapy (drama, art and music) NHS Practice Placements

The Power of Art, Drama and Music Therapy NHS placements for Children and Young People in CAMHS.
NHS Practice Placements - How can Art, Drama and Music Therapy Trainees contribute?
Art, Drama & Music Therapy Trainees contributing to NHS practice placements in Adult Mental Health.