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Who Defends the Queer Child?

Saturday 4th May 2024
Timings: 10am-12pm
Location: Online
Price: BADth/BAMT member: £20 | BADth/BAMT student member: £15 | Non-member: £30
This interactive presentation opens up a reflective space on working with people that have questioned their gender and/or their identity.
Full Description

Inspired by Paul B Preciado's essay, this interactive presentation aims to open up a reflective space on therapeutic work with people that have questioned their gender and/or their identity.

The aim of this presentation is to pose questions and to think-with, not necessarily to have answers:

As therapists, can we describe what we offer as a space free from our own projections, interpretations and judgments and therefore a neutral space? Is 'the blank slate therapist' really possible? Where do our biases lie? How can we create a space where the queer child can feel seen and heard, facilitating a validating experience?

How can we remain critical of the heterosexual hegemony the queer child is adapting into and how do we provide a safe enough space where they can follow their authentic path of individuation? What happens when to resist the individuation process is the society we live in?

How can we work with, rather than against of, ambivalence? How can we shift from the negative connotation this word holds to a more affirming truth coming from the root of the word itself–Ambi = both + valent = of worth?

The above questions are explored through Sam's professional as well as personal experiences as a queer, non-binary dramatherapist.


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Samuele Russo

Samuele is my full name but you can call me Sam. I use they/them pronouns.

I describe myself as a citizen of the world, learning how to walk gently on Earth.

My work brings together queer culture and ecological response-ability with a soulful perspective.

I am a registered HCPC, BADth & SPID dramatherapist. I work across Italy and the UK with queer communities. I offer individual and group therapy, supervision and consultancy.

My approach is deeply influenced by Jungian psychology. My core training in the Sesame approach to dramatherapy reflects a mythopoetic approach to the Psyche. Following trainings in Authentic Movement and in supervision (Re-Vision) are grounded in soul-making – analytical/archetypal psychological perspectives. You may wonder if the process is a linear one, indeed, it is not. As Jung suggests

'the way is not straight but appears to go round in circles' (Jung, CW12, para.34)

In a world stuck in binary oppositions, the work I do aims to offer a space to sit at the crossroads. The oblique approach of Sesame meets queer culture both pointing at a third space which native language is the open, not-interpretative image. Taking a step back from the literalised world of everyday life and one forward into the metaphorical of stories, myths and dreams can allow expansion of vision beyond the periphery of ego culture.
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