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Workshop: Into the light: where Dramatherapy and Spirituality meet

Sunday 29 November 2020
09:30 to 10:30

Spirituality is a concept based on individual needs and attitudes. Spiritual elements can be universal but people may interpret multiple meanings based on their own experiences, environment and belief systems (Bauman, 2009).

There is a “valid apprehension” discussing spirituality within the Dramatherapy profession (Smail, 2016) and thus important that we create a space to explore this or it becomes periphery and misunderstood in our profession. We offer the opportunity to explore our diverse interpretations and practices of Dramatherapy’s relationship with spirituality so we become aware of its potential in working with clients.

This workshop will explore the idea that the spirit exists within all, and we do not have to be bound to a single belief system to access spirituality. We will facilitate the opportunity to connect with spirituality through the use of guided imagery and imaginary play. This may reveal new meanings about our relationship to a higher consciousness or the Self. Through this, we may be exposed to new vulnerabilities and unfamiliarities that we as Dramatherapists should continue to explore and welcome. By doing so, we may reveal parts of us that have not yet met clients and therefore have not yet been present in the space with them.

This workshop invites you to be open to the unknown and to be willing to explore the Self through the joining of two powerful mediums. When we encounter the Self, we meet our past and present. Dramatherapy, with spirituality, may allow us to feel more resilient towards our future.

This session is being recorded.

Eshmit Kaur is Sikh; Hsiao-Mei Feng is Catholic; both are second year Dramatherapists at the University of Derby. This workshop is supported by Dr Drew Bird: a Buddhist, Dramatherapist and lecturer at the University of Derby.